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Genres: Crime , Drama
Actors: Rachael Taylor , Martin Henderson , Bren Foster , Les Chantery , Daniel Amalm , Ian Roberts , Dan Mor , Drew Pearson , Serhat Caradee , Taffy Hany , Rebecca Barratt , Waddah Sari , Erica Lovell , Vico Thai , Sean McFerran
Director: Serhat Caradee
Country: Australia
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 6.1/10 (319 votes)

A journey into the lives of Middle-Eastern Australians in Sydney’s outer-west.

Film Review

Okay, I think the question IS should we or should we not spend our time to watch this movie. Yes, especially since the movie market seems constantly flooded with new material. Many big budget, "A List" actor films spend advert money hoping for blockbusters. This Cedar Boys film is more of a low budget writer/director film. (Low budget being around 1.5 million contrasted with a few thousand micro-budget "friends and family" budgets like the "Blair Witch" project.) This writer/director went to an Australian film school, likely made connections and played the system to get state funding et cetera. Congratulations for maintaining some integrity this money/finance driven "Hollywood" industry (where playing the money game often devastates creativity). Okay, now to my critique and 7.5 stars. I chose to watch the film because the multicultural messages appeals to my avid travel/explorative sensibilities. (Though I've spend years backpacking the glo…

Cedar Boys manages to be intriguing and disappointing at the same time. It is an interesting story portraying Australian youths without including surfers, dingoes or Aborigines, which was a welcome change. It was also interesting to see how the former Lebanonese citizens are able to adapt to a new society where employment options are limited especially for the teenagers or young adults.They live in a world where all the opportunities for a successful future seem to be afforded to only the non-immigrant population especially the rich, beautiful, white people. Immigrants seem to have little chance to survive without resorting to committing crimes such as selling drugs or committing crimes. How will they fight the urge to join their friends and a few family members in a exciting yet dangerous life of illicit behavior? The protagonist of the story; Tarek (Les Chantery), tries to live the best of both worlds. He wants to maintain his squeaky-clean, hardworking image in front of his parents…